Jun 092012
 June 9, 2012  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Partha Mukhopadhyay of the Delhi-based Centre for Policy Research writes:

What does the unique identity number, also called Aadhaar, mean for Indian people?

Unlike the usual use of biometric identification for security purposes, Aadhaar is aimed at facilitating services for the country’s poor.

Excessive cost and loss of privacy, two common objections to identity schemes all over the world, are not the main topics of debate in India.

It costs the government only 88 rupees ($1.59) to enrol each person. At $263m, last year’s budget for the identity scheme was just 2% of India’s annual food subsidy.

Authorities have been silent about privacy concerns, although many commentators are sceptical and parliamentary reports warn against the dangers of not having a data protection law.

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