Nov 112009
 November 11, 2009  Posted by  Court, U.S., Workplace

Adam Wise reports:

After more than two years of debate, the fate of an open records request involving Wisconsin Rapids teacher e-mail messages now rests with the state’s highest court.

Seven State Supreme Court justices spent more than an hour Tuesday morning questioning an attorney representing the Wisconsin Rapids School District and one representing five teachers in the case that started with a Wood County resident’s open records request in April 2007.


The case involves a request from Vesper resident Don Bubolz, who sought the e-mail messages sent to and from the workstations of teachers Karen Schill, Traci Pronga, Kimberly Martin, Robert Dresser and Mark Larson during a six-week period in spring 2007. The teachers sought to stop the release of their personal e-mails in Wood County Circuit Court, but Adams County Judge Charles A. Pollex, a substitute in the case, sided with the school district’s plan to release the records. Administrators had already redacted personal student information prior to the planned release.


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