Oct 042019
 October 4, 2019  Posted by  Business

Sydney Butler writes:

Ancestral Genetic Testing is pretty popular and it’s perfectly natural to wonder about your origins. Most of us don’t know all that much about our ancestry. If you know your family history past your grandparents or even great-grandparents, then you’re in pretty rare company. So when private companies began to offer cheap genetic profiling to tell you more about your history, it should be no surprise that people rushed to take up the offer. For many people, their genetic origins are an important part of their identity.

The problem is that sending a saliva sample off to a private organization for ancestral genetic testing to satisfy your curiosity about your origins is more than just a bit of harmless fun. There could be some pretty serious consequences to this small act. You may not even see the personal repercussions until much later. We’d never presume to tell you what to do with your own DNA, money or time. However, you should be informed about this decision, so below the reasons, you may want to rethink ancestral DNA testing that is listed and unpacked.

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