Aug 232013
 August 23, 2013  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

David Rieff writes that reactions to the Snowden leaks and NSA surveillance do not represent a firestorm:

…apart from some voices from the antiwar left and the libertarian right (on foreign policy there is considerable overlap between the Tea Party and the Occupy movement), the reaction from this deceived public for the most part has been strangely muted. It is not just the somewhat contradictory nature of the polls taken this summer, which have shown the public almost evenly split on whether the seemingly unlimited scope of these surveillance programs was doing more harm than good. It is akso that, unlike on issues such as immigration and abortion, much of the public outrage presupposed by news coverage of the scandal does not, in reality, seem to exist.


Have too many people bought the security theater kool-aid?

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