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 March 21, 2017  Posted by  Breaches, Featured News, Healthcare

Nicole Knight reports:

A young woman visited a crisis pregnancy center thinking she’d get medical care at a clinic that would safeguard her privacy. She didn’t know her personal information would be used against her.

When Morgen Trube was 20, she thought she was pregnant. So Trube, then a sophomore at Hawaii Pacific University, Googled “free pregnancy test in Oahu.” An ad popped up for a facility called A Place for Women in Waipio.

Trube had just moved to Hawaii. She had out-of-state health insurance and no local doctor. She called Planned Parenthood and dozens of doctors. No one could fit her in.

She was desperate to confirm her pregnancy so she could decide what to do.

A Place for Women told Trube they could see her that day.

What happened next launched Trube on a painful odyssey that today, three years later, can bring the 23-year-old to tears.

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