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 June 30, 2016  Posted by  Healthcare, Non-U.S., Surveillance

Joy Pullman writes:

In a recent interview, megatron philanthropist Melinda Gates backhandedly illuminated Big Philanthropy’s persistent antagonism towards the procreation of brown people and development into a global “shadow bureaucracy.”

While discussing her efforts to get 120 million more women on chemical contraception by 2020, Gates emphasized her concern that their use of these be “voluntary.” It matters so much to her that Gates has funded a global data system to track women’s use of contraception and other health measures.

Read more on The Federalist.

  2 Responses to “Who Elected Melinda Gates Global Contraception Czar?”

  1. She and her husband seem to be the expert ‘on many things’ which has nothing to do with computers or anything like technology (they do the same with education too). People need to keep writing letters to M.G. to stay out of affairs they have no business being part in.

  2. writing letters, tweet, boycott, whatever people need to do to get the message heard…

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