May 022014
 May 2, 2014  Posted by  Misc

More coverage of the PCAST report released yesterday. Aamer Madhani reports for USA Today:

Among the recommendations the president’s advisers made:

•Advance a consumer privacy bill of rights that was proposed by Obama in 2012.

•Pass national legislation for how companies must report on data breaches. “Big data technologies make it possible to store significantly more data and further derive intimate insights into a person’s character, habits, preferences and activities,” the report says. “That makes the potential impacts of data breaches at businesses or other organizations even more serious.”

•Ensure educational data linked to individual students gathered in school are used for educational purposes, and protect students against their data being shared or used inappropriately.

•Expand the federal government’s technical expertise to combat “digital redlining.” The report says the “detailed personal profiles held about many consumers, combined with automated, algorithm-driven decision-making, could lead — intentionally or inadvertently — to discriminatory outcomes.”

Read more on USA Today for reactions to the recommendations.



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