Apr 292010
 April 29, 2010  Online

From abuse.ch, a Swiss security blog:


One of the most popular PHP-based proxy script is called Glype: It’s a tiny, powerful and fast web proxy which is based on PHP. You just have to download the ZIP file, upload the “upload” folder to a webspace and start using your brand new webproxy. But WOW – hey, you even don’t have to install your own web proxy, you just can use sites like proxy[dot]org and get a fresh list of 5′000+ working web proxies!

What sounds like honey being poured down their back to your users is purly pain for the administrators and security folks of companies and governmental organizations: Within a few minutes users will be able to bypass security gateways easily. But let’t talk about the security risks of such Anonymous web proxies.

*** The bad things you don’t know about such proxies ***
Unfortunately the other site of the coin looks much worse:

  • You don’t know who run these proxies
  • You don’t know if these proxies are secure and clean from any malware and drive-bys
  • You don’t know the intentions of the persons who runs these proxies (maybe they have mean ill?)

But you have must be aware of one fact: Those proxies aren’t anonymous! Web Proxy scripts like Glype&Co have a free configurable option wheter the administrator of the (glype-) proxy wants to log the requests which are passing his proxy or not. And you can be sure that the most Glype administrators will do.

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