Dec 042015
 December 4, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Featured News

Jed Bracy reports on what was a “WTF?!” moment for anyone watching MSNB or CNN today.

It seems as though the world is getting more chaotic by the minute. There have been awful terrorist attacks around the world, seemingly unabated – from Egypt to Paris to Mali to San Bernadino.

And it appears that chaos is infecting the news media.

On Friday, reporters from CNN and MSNBC openly rummaged through the now-deceased San Bernadino attackers’ home like eager shoppers on Black Friday.

Live on TV for everyone to see, reporters unapologetically let the world into this home – a crime scene – sharing baby pictures, clothing, contents of their refrigerator.

And get this: passports, work IDs and even a California state driver’s license.

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