Apr 152015
 April 15, 2015  Posted by  Featured News, Healthcare

This is a really important article that I would encourage all parents to read. Maanvi Singh reports:

Dana Lam was insured under her parent’s health plan until the end of 2014, thanks to a provision of the Affordable Care Act that allows young adults to stay on family health insurance until they turn 26.

The arrangement worked out well until she needed treatment for depression. Lam knew that if she used her parents’ health plan to see a psychotherapist or psychiatrist, her visit would show up on their insurance statements.

She wasn’t ready to talk to them about her mental health issues. “I was just so afraid of having that conversation with them,” she says.

She was able to use her school’s free counseling services instead, but there was a catch. “Medication is really what I needed,” Lam says. She couldn’t afford to pay for medicine without using insurance, she says, so she didn’t take any.

Read more on NPR. This is a serious problem in need of a solution. Singh describes approaches some states are taking, but we need more attention paid to this issue. In the meantime, parents may wish to think about what conversation they might have with their kids about this issue. How can you make it safe for your child to seek and obtain treatment they may need?

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