Jan 192013
 January 19, 2013  Posted by  Surveillance, Youth & Schools

Beat The Chip says Northside Independent School District and John Jay Science & Engineering Academy (a magnet school in the district) have underestimated the resistance to RFID tagging of students – especially when it results in failing to educate a Christian kid:

John Jay is simply embarassed. They underestimated the endurance run Texans will go opposed to invasive state-sponsored tracking devices. Everyone does. It appears they rescinded an offer to allow Hernandez to wear the badge without the RFID chip over a week ago during court proceedings.  The day the news broke a $300 million disbursement for education came from the Texas Land Commission.  John Jay and the NISD without a doubt would qualify for that funding for more immediate concerns or could even negotiate on funding … {to} reconsider their badge program and perhaps soften the landing for any fiscal losses in adopting the program and hiring lawyers to fight this case.  It won’t change the fact that there are 2 bills in the Texas legislature now to cut off possible funding for adopting RFID in the future.

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