Apr 012015
 April 1, 2015  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

Joe Cadillic writes:

If Big Brother has its way, DUI checkpoints and DUI police stops will be a thing of the past. Your car won’t start if you’ve had a drink!

DUI interlockThe above picture is Nissan’s DUI detection concept vehicle that has alcohol sensors on the shift lock and EVERY seat in the car! It also has facial recognition, which monitors how often the driver blinks!. Facial recognition in your car? Is this some kind of sick NSA/DHS joke?

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  2 Responses to “What’s next in police state America? Why cars equipped with DUI interlock devices of course!”

  1. Who would purchase such a thing?

  2. They wouldn’t make it if their marketing didn’t indicate that there’s money to be made by it. Either from consumers or the govt.

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