Nov 152013
 November 15, 2013  Posted by  Business

Richard Feloni reports:

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook all have their own tracking systems that may signal impending doom for the traditional cookie. First-party tracking can provide advertisers with much more accurate results than cookies, due to the access these companies have to user data.

Online radio service Pandora recently adopted its own cookie replacement, and it has been pitching its data to ad exchanges for the past few weeks, according to AdAge.

When a user registers for a Pandora account, the (sic) provides his or her age, gender, and zip code. The Internet radio company plans to go through its data and develop demographics it believes advertisers will find more attractive than the imperfect browsing habits collected by cookies.

Pandora has 70 million active users, which places it far ahead of rookie competitor iTunes Radio.

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