Apr 182012
 April 18, 2012  Posted by  Business, Surveillance, U.S.

Bob Sullivan reports:

The war on drugs has gone digital; but is it also a war on cellphone users?

That’s just one of the questions raised by an msnbc.com investigation into use of cellphone tracking data by local police departments across the nation. Msnbc.com built a database of thousands of invoices issued by cell phone network providers to cities after cops asked for caller location and other personal information between 2009-2011. The invoices were first obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union and released to the public earlier this month.

The database offers perhaps the first blow-by-blow accounting of several cities’ use of cellphone tracking as a crime-fighting tool and the potential blow to civil liberties that the requests represent.

Read more on Red Tape. It really gives a sense of what might be going on around the country as well as how carriers bill – or don’t bill – for services and how most requests do not involve warrants.

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