May 182022
 May 18, 2022  Posted by  Healthcare, U.S., Youth & Schools

Matt Fisher of Carium writes:

Caring for adolescents is already complex given all of the changes that children experience as they grow up. The complexity arises not just with the delivery of care though. Clinicians and organizations also face a number of challenges concerning access to patient records. The issue becomes tangled because pediatric patients are not legal adults, which in many instances means a parent or legal guardian has legal authority or control over the individual and full rights of access on their own to the records of the adolescent patient.

The confusion or consternation has been pushed to the forefront because of the recent information blocking regulation. The premise of the information blocking regulation is that individuals should be able to access their information and barriers need to be removed. The new requirements build upon the rights in HIPAA and will eventually (at least as of the time this blog is being written) result in enforcement where non-compliance arises (this is the reminder that the enforcement regulation remains pending at the time of writing).

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