Oct 292013
 October 29, 2013  Posted by  Surveillance

Shane Harris and John Hudson report:

One of the National Security Agency’s biggest defenders in Congress is suddenly at odds with the agency and calling for a top-to-bottom review of U.S. spy programs. And her long-time friends and allies are completely mystified by the switch.

“We’re really screwed now,” one NSA official told The Cable. “You know things are bad when the few friends you’ve got disappear without a trace in the dead of night and leave no forwarding address.”

Read more about Senator Feinstein’s statement on FP.com.

Frankly, I don’t see her statement as offering much hope for those of us opposed to bulk records collection and snooping on average citizens, despite her strong rhetoric.  And I suspect her proposal to review and revamp surveillance will only strengthen/expand it. Note that she didn’t say she was appalled by spying on citizens of our country or other countries. She was appalled that she had not been aware of what was going on with foreign leaders and was opposed to that. But just color me a cynic….


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