Nov 052014
 November 5, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand is taking a new approach to responding to the many privacy complaints they get each year:

We need to recognise that even where there has been an interference with privacy, there may be a relationship that needs to continue. Even if there is no relationship to save, there may simply be a quicker, easier and more effective way than everyone acting like Denny Crane (see Boston Legal).

So our investigations team is moving into the new frontier of – wait for it… TALKING TO PEOPLE!

The dispute resolution methods we use include shuttle negotiation, teleconferences, face to face meetings, conciliations, right through to full blown mediations and compulsory settlement conferences. Don’t worry, this isn’t some patchouli scented, hand holding “tell me about your feelings” session, we are here to resolve complaints, fairly, efficiently and effectively.

We have a section in the Privacy Act that we can use as a way of both settling a complaint or simply getting the parties to front up and tell us what’s going on. Section 76 really relates only to bringing both parties in for a facilitated discussion. But we can also use section 91(1) to call any person – a party to a complaint, or a third party – to come and give us information. We think its pretty common sense stuff.

Read more on commends any attempt to inject common sense and psychology into dispute resolution. Hope it works out for you, down there!


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