Mar 022010
 March 2, 2010  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, Youth & Schools

Dan Hardy reports:

A group of Lower Merion and Harriton High School parents will meet tonight to discuss ways to derail the possibility that a federal lawsuit over laptop spying could lead to a lengthy and expensive class-action case against their district.

Bryn Mawr resident Michael Boni, one of the organizers, said yesterday: “We have spoken to our neighbors and friends, and it seemed that there was a groundswell of opposition to one family with one lawyer bringing this action on behalf of the community.”

He said the parents were “not suggesting there weren’t problems” with how the district has handled the laptop issue. “But we don’t think [a class-action lawsuit] is the answer.”

The group, which calls itself, is limited to parents of students at the two high schools. Between 300 and 400 parents had signed on by yesterday afternoon, said Bob Wegbreit, another founder.

A related group calling itself Parents in Support of the Lower Merion School District, which said it shared the same objectives, had garnered more than 700 signatures on an online petition by yesterday evening.


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