Sep 142017
 September 14, 2017  Posted by  Court, Govt, Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

Louise Matsakis reports:

Apple executives stood on stage Tuesday and revealed the way we’ll unlock the brand new iPhone X: with our faces, using a new feature called Face ID.

It utilizes the selfie camera’s “TrueDepth” camera system—a set of sensors and a dot projector—to create a super detailed 3D map of your mug. The dot projector places 30,000 digital points onto your face, capturing the contours and features that make you unique. The system is designed to learn and improve each time it looks at you, and Apple says it should still work even if you change your hairstyle or get glasses.

Read more on Motherboard. Louise asked some experts some good privacy law questions related to the new technology, and you’ll want to read the answers she got.

h/t, Joe Cadillic

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