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 March 23, 2018  Posted by  Business

There are some apps that sound like a great idea. And then you start to remember everything you’ve learned from experience, and you think, “Well, that’s a great idea IF the app folks do not sell or share your data despite any privacy policy and IF they actually are serious about protecting your personal information… and IF…. and IF….”

Joe Cadillic sent along a link to a story about something that might be good…. IF.

Joe, being the Voice of Experience in some things, is already foreseeing a privacy nightmare. See what you think about a carpool app by Waze.  Michelle Baruchman reports:

Here’s how it works: Waze Carpool suggests commuting groups based on where people work and live, and allows only between one and five minutes of added commute time.

Passengers build profiles for themselves with photos and information about employment, which Waze verifies through email. In-app chatting allows potential matches to vet each other, and a five-star rating system allows commuters to give feedback on one another.

The platform splits trips by days, so individuals can plan commutes up to seven days in advance and account for changes in schedules, such as doctor appointments or late meetings.

Read more on Seattle Times. Carpool’s privacy policy can be found here, and its terms of service can be found here.


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