Jan 072010
 January 7, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Surveillance

Declan McCullagh writes:

A blogospheric flap complete with threats of legal action has arisen after Michael Yon, the popular war blogger and former Green Beret, said he was detained upon returning to the United States and asked about how much money he makes every year.

Yon posted on Facebook on Tuesday that he was handcuffed and “arrested at the Seattle airport” for refusing questions, including ones related to his annual income, that “had nothing to do with national security.”

Read more on the flap on CBS.

Declan provides links to a number of commentaries, including a post by former former undersecretary for policy at Homeland Security, Stewart Baker, with the catchy title, “Actually, a Chip That Big Will Have to Come Off Your Shoulder and Go Through the X-Ray.” But as he points out, the public does not have full information on the incident from either side.

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