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 September 20, 2019  Posted by  Announcements, Healthcare, U.S., Youth & Schools

Jeff Drummond points us to an interesting for-fee webinar on the privacy rights of minors that healthcare providers need to know. The description:

As a health care provider, don’t get caught in the middle. Gain an understanding of the rights of minors to medical privacy. Medical providers, schools, treatment facilities and others who come into contact with medical or health records are often subjected to complex and conflicting requirements to maintain the confidentiality and restrict the use of the information. When those providers and others deal with minors, the complexity increases dramatically. When the right of an individual to privacy and security with regard to his or her medical information runs into the rights of parents to control the medical care delivered to their minor child, the caregiver is often caught in the middle. This topic will outline the rights of the minor to medical privacy and the ways those rights may be served while also serving the right of the parent or guardian to oversee the medical care provided. Learn about the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and related regulations, as well as other federal statutes and common state statutory and regulatory schemes to deal with parental rights and responsibilities. Receive advice, tips and sample forms for medical providers to manage the expectations of parents and minors and train staff to recognize potential conflicts and issues. To receive a certificate of successful completion, you are required to complete and return an evaluation form. Planning Panel members are Jeffery P. Drummond, JD, Pamela Johnson, MSN, RN, CCRN, Christina M. Schuch, TD and Michelle Shepherd, B.A in Psychology and C.E. Coordinator. There are no conflicts of interest to report. There was no commercial support received for the planning of this program. No endorsement of products will occur at this program.

For more info or to register, see this page.

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