Feb 032015
 February 3, 2015  Posted by  Online, Surveillance, U.S.

Joe Cadillic notes that yet another police department is acquiring software to monitor social media sites. Tyler Richardson reports:

Tri-City law enforcement agencies will soon have software that will allow them to track personal accounts on a number of social media websites.

Benton County Commissioners this week approved $20,000 to buy the SnapTrends software to help investigators keep track of posts on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


The software gathers real-time and old posts from around the area and organizes the data for officials to review and track using keyword searches.


The software also tracks the video-sharing website Vine and the mobile app Foursquare — has a map function and the ability to translate more than 80 languages

Read more on Tri-City Herald.

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