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 January 31, 2014  Posted by  Court, U.S.

Annie Andrews reports:

It looks like the end of Donna Zink’s battle for sex offender records. The former mayor of Mesa has been fighting tooth and nail for the personal records of Level I sex offenders living in Benton County. But after a long-awaited court ruling, it seems the database she’s been trying to create, won’t get uploaded.

We’ve seen her time and time again at the Benton County Courthouse pursuing what she calls a public interest. Donna Zink wants to create a searchable and public database of all Level I sex offenders living in Benton County.

So far, Zink has only received the information of those living in Franklin County. She’s uploaded their personal information files to her public Gmail account. It contains names, date of births, addresses, employers and more of offenders living in Franklin County. KEPR even found some of the information she has decided to upload, is the personal information of those with juvenile convictions.

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