Feb 182014
 February 18, 2014  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

Lisa Baumann of Associated Press reports on two bills that have made it out of the House and now head to the Senate in Washington state:

The state House on Monday passed two bills that would restrict the use of drones and government surveillance in Washington state.

House Bill 2789, which was approved by an 83-15 vote, would limit the purchase and use of unmanned aircraft systems by state and local agencies.


Also Monday, House Bill 2178 passed by a vote of 92-6. It would ban the unauthorized use of drones, or other unmanned aircraft with sensing devices, above private property. Under the measure, drones, including those capable of gathering personal information such as photos, could be used on private property if landowners or tenants give permission and if the drones are labeled with the owner’s contact information

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