Nov 132022
 November 13, 2022  Posted by  Laws, U.S.

Jason C. Gavejian and Joseph J. Lazzarotti of JacksonLewis write:

On January 1, 2023, Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act (CPDA) takes effect. Key features of the CPDA include expansive consumer privacy rights (right to access, right of rectification, right to delete, right to opt-out, right of portability, right against automatic decision making), a broad definition of “personal information”, the inclusion of a “sensitive data” category, and data protection assessment obligations for data controllers.

However, the CDPA is not the only privacy and data protection legislation in the Commonwealth. The following are some of the other laws to consider when working on privacy and data protection policies in the state.

Read more about the Personal Information Privacy Act, the Insurance Data Security Act, and Virginia’s Data Breach Notification Law at Workplace Privacy, Data Management & Security Report.

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