Jul 022013
 July 2, 2013  Posted by  Breaches, Court

Doris Taylor reports:

Crystal G. Ramsey, a 31-year-old Virginia State Trooper, was arrested on June 19th for computer invasion of privacy charges.

Police say they received a tip about Ramsey’s alleged use of the Virginia Criminal Information Network and an investigation was launched. She was indicted on June 17th by a Virginia Beach Grand Jury for eight counts of computer invasion of privacy charges.

Ramsey had been on paid administrative leave since May pending the outcome of the investigation. Once she was arrested, she was put on unpaid leave.

Ramsey is presumed innocent as an arrest is not a conviction, but what is the agency doing to prevent this kind of problem? In this case, they reportedly got a tip. Was the tip from within or from someone outside the agency? Would any changes in their own auditing and access controls have spotted the problem – or better yet, prevented it?

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