Nov 022018
 November 2, 2018  Posted by  Breaches, Court, U.S., Workplace

From Bloomberg Law:

A Virginia health-care system will have to answer claims that it is liable for its employees’ snooping into a patient’s confidential health information.

A Virginia trial court shouldn’t have dismissed Lindsey Parker’s complaint alleging Carilion Healthcare Corp. and Carilion Clinic should be held liable for their employees’ wrongdoing, the Virginia Supreme Court said Nov. 1. Parker alleged two Carilion employees accessed her confidential medical information and discussed her diagnosis with others.

Read more on Bloomberg Law.

I’ve uploaded a copy of the court’s opinion as this is an ssue that has come up a number of times — whether an organization can be held liable for the actions (snooping or other wrongdoing) of its employees. So far we’ve seen mixed opinions from different courts, so this adds another one to the mix.


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