Jan 242018
 January 24, 2018  Posted by  Laws, U.S.

Christopher R. Nolen of McGuireWoods LLP writes:

The Virginia General Assembly is underway and several privacy related bills are on the legislative agenda for 2018. The Virginia legislature will consider approximately 3,000 bills during its 60-day session that will end in early March. Several of these pending bills have privacy implications in a variety of substantive areas.

Here are several from Nolen’s list:

  • Allowing the use of drones by law enforcement without obtaining a warrant under certain circumstances. HB1290 (pending)
  • Prohibiting a provider of electronic communication or remote computing service from disclosing location data to an investigative or law enforcement officer except pursuant to a search warrant. HB604 (defeated)
  • Clarifying that certain student directory information held by institutions of higher education may only be released in limited circumstances in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. HB1 (pending); HB147 (pending)

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