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 September 2, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Healthcare

From a new blog post from Protenus:

This fall, the VIPs facing the highest levels of media scrutiny are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The candidates and their surrogates badger each other to release their most recent healthcare records, and so do voters, pundits and medical professionals. Clinton and Trump are the oldest major-party presidential nominees in history and appear less willing than previous candidates to share information about their respective health.

In 2015, Clinton and Trump released brief summaries of their medical histories. In a few paragraphs, Trump shared information about his blood pressure, cholesterol level, past medications and family history. Clinton’s letter discussed a concussion she suffered a few years prior, a point that the opposition jumped on, leading them to deem her unfit for the role. The letter also listed a number of hospitals where she had been treated. Most recently, Clinton opposers circulated fake health records based on wholly fabricated illnesses in an effort to make her appear even more unfit for the role.

The desire to learn the details of the presidential candidates’ medical records that include histories, public knowledge of facilities where they previously received treatment, and the financial and political incentives for a scoop, create a heightened threat environment.

Read more on Protenus, where you can also request their Protecting VIP Privacy white paper.

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