Apr 072022
 April 7, 2022  Posted by  Breaches, Healthcare, Non-U.S.

Medical Dialogues reports:

Mumbai: Following the controversy at the Hiranandani Hospital where a housekeeping staff walked in during a 35-year- old woman author’s electrocardiogram (ECG) test, the internal committee of the hospital suspended the housekeeper on Tuesday.

Earlier the committee told that they would conduct an investigation on Monday. As a result, they submitted the report stating that a one-week outside training would be given to the boy as a result of his action.

Meanwhile, the hospital maintained its statement that he had no intention and that it was an accident.

Read more at Medical Dialogues.

Insider error or ‘human error’ is an ongoing challenge to privacy and data security, as this incident reminds us. Was there any sign on the door saying “Testing in Progress — Do NOT Enter”?  Would that have even helped?

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