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 July 21, 2018  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Laws, Non-U.S., Online, Surveillance

Scott Ikeda reports:

On June 12th the Vietnamese National Assembly voted in a new cybersecurity law. The legislation did not come easily having gone through more than 12 drafts and much debate in government and the business sector. The claimed purposes of the legislation are to increase Vietnam’s Internet sovereignty, that is the data of Vietnamese people should remain within and under the control of Vietnam, and to improve the cybersecurity of the country by controlling what and how people communicate online.

The Law on Cybersecurity regulates all companies, both domestic and foreign with online activities used by customers in Vietnam.

Highlights of the new cybersecurity law

  1. Website owners, no matter what their type, must not allow people to post any material that might be considered ‘anti-state’, inciting opposition or offensive. Owners must have mechanisms for monitoring, verifying, and removing such content from their sites.
  2. Vietnamese or foreign businesses that offer service over the Internet or other telecom networks must:
  • authenticate user information when they register
  • keep that user information confidential
  • cooperate with the Vietnamese authorities and share user information during investigations or users breach cybersecurity law

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