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 March 8, 2019  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S.

Jeff Olson and Mai Phuong Nguyen of Hogan Lovells write:

Vietnam’s new Law on Cybersecurity has garnered much attention due to its sweeping attempt to regulate online content available to internet users in Vietnam. Among its more controversial provisions are the requirements that both foreign and domestic online service providers store personal data of Vietnamese end-users in Vietnam, surrender such data to Vietnamese government authorities upon request, and supervise user posts to remove “prohibited” content (defined to include content viewed as disparaging of the Vietnamese government and/or government officials or state agencies). The law also requires offshore service providers to open branches or representative offices in Vietnam, presumably to facilitate enforcement of the Cybersecurity Law against them.

Read more on Chronicle of Data Protection.

  2 Responses to “Vietnam Quick to Enforce New Cybersecurity Law”

  1. Now if they’d only stop all the VN servers trying to hack my systems.

    Had one try about 600 different userids to login to an imap server in the last 24 yrs. After 10 failed attempts, the IP gets blocked automatically, so they tried about 6000 times.

    Russia, PRC and Chinese need to do the same things. Sure would clean up my logs.

  2. Yeah. I just got off the phone with Ebay, who contacted me about a very determined soul somewhere outside of the U.S.who kept trying to hack into my account. And I recently got one of those “I sent you this email from your own account so you’d better pay me extortion” emails. Except the maroon configured it wrong and gave me a lovely header and path from Vietnam…

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