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 November 5, 2011  Posted by  Court

Paul Joseph Watson writes:

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said he would now refer to the country of his birth as the “Fascist States of America” after a judge dismissed his case challenging airport pat downs, adding that his only recourse now would be to run for President.

“Ventura made his comments outside the federal courthouse in St. Paul, where in January he sued to challenge the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) airport security procedures,” reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “The suit was thrown out because Congress set up the law so that all such challenges must be brought directly in Circuit Courts of Appeals, wrote U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson.”

“They said they don’t have jurisdiction,” Ventura told reporters. “Well my question is if the federal courts don’t have jurisdiction over a constitutional question then who the hell does?”
A further detail that Ventura revealed on the Alex Jones Show which has not been picked up by mainstream media reports is the fact that Ventura’s lawyer was told he could not even look at the ruling due to “national security” concerns.

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I wouldn’t blame the judge if the statute made jurisdiction clear, and she has certainly not been the only judge to make that ruling. But I am skeptical that Ventura’s attorney was told he couldn’t see the ruling since there is nothing in it that comes remotely close to being a national security issue.  Obviously, he was allowed to see it (eventually) because it is publicly available and I posted it the other day. But was there some point at which the court told Ventura’s lawyer he couldn’t see it for reasons of “national security?” I’d like to know more about that.

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