Mar 042022
 March 4, 2022  Posted by  Laws, U.S.

Joseph Duball writes:

Passing a comprehensive state privacy law has proven to be no small task. Doing it in a week’s span is arguably impossible. Yet after just five working days, the Utah Legislature has settled on a law.

Senate Bill 227, the Utah Consumer Privacy Act, cleared the Senate Feb. 25 on a 28-0 vote and the House followed suit with 71-0 approval March 2. There are a few formalities left in the legislative process. The bill will require concurrence with the Senate and signatures from leaders of both legislative chambers prior to 2022 session adjournment March 4. The bill will then head to Gov. Spencer Cox, R-Utah, who can sign the bill within 20 days after receipt, let it become law at the end of 20 days with no signature or veto the bill.

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