Mar 092022
 March 9, 2022  Posted by  Laws, U.S.

Lindsey Tonsager, Libbie Canter, Alexandra Scott, Jayne Ponder, and Frank Broomell of Covington and Burling write:

Utah appears poised to be the next state with a comprehensive privacy law on its books, following CaliforniaVirginia, and Colorado.  On March 2nd, the Utah House of Representatives voted unanimously to approve an amended version of the legislative proposal, and the Senate concurred with the House amendment on the following day.  Formalities are now being completed to send the bill to Governor Spencer Cox for signature.

The Utah Consumer Privacy Act (“UCPA”) provides for consumer rights and responsibilities for controllers and processors.  Although the bill generally tracks the comprehensive privacy law passed in Virginia last year, the VCDPA, there are some notable differences.  Key provisions in the bill include the following:

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