Mar 182011
 March 18, 2011  Posted by  Laws

Alison Peek reports:

Representative Carl Wimmer-R, Herriman believes a bill that was passed by the Utah Legislature during their 2011 session was “a mistake” and wants it repealed. HB477 was jammed through both houses, recalled, and signed by the governor in less than a week. The law would make most government electronic communications secret, limit access, and increase fees for those requesting available open records.

In a Wednesday interview, Wimmer said “I’d be supportive of a repeal of (HB)477, and bringing forward a bill that creates a careful balance between the First Amendment right to know and a Fourth Amendment right to privacy.”

Initially, Wimmer voted for the bill along with 57 other House Republicans, but had second thoughts and voted against the legislation when it was recalled. Seventeen other House Republicans voted against HB477 during the recall. Wimmer said “The reason I changed my mind is based on policy issues. This is not a good policy. House bill 477 is not a good policy.”

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