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 March 4, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., U.S.

Aoife White reports:

A U.S. official said Thursday that Europeans are wrong to believe that they have few rights to see what information the U.S. government holds on them — a misperception that is holding up a key counterterrorism program.


Parliamentarians have also demanded more safeguards from the U.S. They also complain that U.S. privacy laws do not grant any rights to people outside the United States to access or challenge information held by U.S. agencies.

The Department of Justice’s chief privacy officer Nancy Libin said non-U.S. citizens could use other legal means to see information.

An example would be a person denied entry to the U.S. who wanted to ask the Department of Homeland Security if it held any information that might affect a visa application.

Libin said non-U.S. citizens have the right to make freedom of information requests to see what data U.S. government agencies hold on them and can take U.S. legal action to get access to the information.

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