Jun 302015
 June 30, 2015  Posted by  Govt, Online

Treasury Public Engagement Pages
AGENCY: Departmental Offices, Treasury
ACTION: Notice and request for comment.

SUMMARY: The Department of the Treasury (Treasury) is issuing this notice to inform the public and solicit comments about a new method it is using to collect information and opinions posted on social media platforms. Relying on Treasury-generated “hashtags” and other social media identifiers, Treasury is aggregating public posts relating to Treasury activities and missions from third-party social media websites. Treasury is collecting and, in some cases, republishing this material to facilitate public engagement and awareness of Treasury and bureau initiatives. In this manner, social media will enable Treasury to interact with the public in effective and meaningful ways; encourage the broad exchange of and centrally locate a variety of viewpoints on proposed and existing Treasury missions; and educate the general public about evolving Treasury initiatives.


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