May 132022
 May 13, 2022  Posted by  Featured News, Govt, Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

Ed Pilkington reports:

The US justice department secretly issued a subpoena to gain access to details of the phone account of a Guardian reporter as part of an aggressive leak investigation into media stories about an official inquiry into the Trump administration’s child separation policy at the southern border.

Leak investigators issued the subpoena to obtain the phone number of Stephanie Kirchgaessner, the Guardian’s investigations correspondent in Washington. The move was carried out without notifying the newspaper or its reporter, as part of an attempt to ferret out the source of media articles about a review into family separation conducted by the Department of Justice’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz.

Read more at The Guardian.

h/t, Joe Cadillic

Update: When I tweeted a link to The Guardian’s story with a question about whether DOJ OIG trampled press freedom, Marcy Wheeler of EmptyWheel responded:

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