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 September 18, 2018  Posted by  Govt

Simon Boazman & Jeremy Young report:

Long Beach, Southern California – Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit has discovered that a self-deleting messaging app called Tiger Text has been adopted by at least one US police department, which may have used it to share sensitive and potentially incriminating information that they wouldn’t want to be disclosed to a court.

Current and former officers from the Long Beach Police Department in Southern California have told Al Jazeera that their police-issued phones had Tiger Text installed on them.

The Tiger Text app is designed to erase text messages after a set time period. Once the messages have been deleted, they cannot be retrieved – even through forensic analysis of the phone.

Read more on Al Jazeera.

h/t, Joe Cadillic

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  1. Gov. Eric Greitens penchant for secrecy goes digital with messaging app that leaves no trace:

    Greitens and 19 staffers had secret texting app, far more than number reported to AG:

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