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 January 14, 2013  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S.

Clara Walther reports:

US authorities could use the renewed Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Amendments Act (FISAA) to access data that European users have stored on US-based social media sites, an EU study cautions.


A study commissioned by the Europan Union found that the data EU citizens have stored on US servers is not protected from access by a third party. US authorities are legally allowed to access the data, in the name of the Patriot Act, according to experts from the Center for the Study of Conflicts and the Center for European Policy Studies, who were commissioned to do the study.

“This study is absolutely not about generating panic,” ensured the Green party Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Jan Philipp Albrecht, commenting on the report. “It’s a simple fact that the US data protection law only applies to US citizens,” he said.

Read more on Deutsche-Welle.

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  1. Why hasn’t the EU legislated yet to ban these companies from hosting EU data from the USA to begin with?

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