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 August 6, 2010  Posted by  Govt, Surveillance

John Young of Cryptome writes:

The vast US Government files (a/k/a records, data, profiles, dossiers) on its citizens and employees are governed by privacy law. Every government department and agency is required to establish, maintain and publish privacy polices. As with other privacy policies by businesses and individuals, government privacy policies describe the files and who has access to the files under privacy law for diverse governmental and non-governmental purposes.

The Office of the Federal Register provides US Government privacy issuances, the latest for 2009.

John has zipped up 15 of these files (41.1MB). They contain descriptions of their purpose, scope, handling, confidentiality, security measures and availability to other parties. His zip file includes:

Treasury Department (Includes IRS, 1,009 pages, 3.8MB)
Department of Defense (Excludes OSD, 1,333 pages, 5.0MB)
Department of the Air Force (1,146 pages, 4.1MB)
Department of the Army (946 pages, 3.4MB)
Department of the Navy (Excludes Marine Corps, 777 pages, 2.9MB)
Justice Department (Includes FBI, 1,490 pages, 5.9MB)
Department of Health and Human Services (1,763 pages, 6.8MB)
Department of Homeland Security (1,058 pages, 4.3MB)
Department of Energy (392 pages, 1.5MB)
State Department (296 pages, 1.2MB)
Central Intelligence Agency (158 pages, 666KB)
Agency for International Development (106 pages, 477KB)
Office of the Director of National Intelligence (86 pages, 457KB)
Executive Office of the President (29 pages, 240KB)
National Security Council (24 pages, 180KB)

Links to individual files are provided on Cryptome for those who don’t want the zipped archive.

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