Jul 262016
 July 26, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Court

Damn.. yet another court holding that “upskirting” is not illegal.

AP reports:

A man admitted he surreptitiously took cellphone video up a woman’s skirt while she shopped at a grocery store, but a Georgia court said he didn’t break the law.

A divided Georgia Court of Appeals this month tossed out the conviction of former grocery store employee Brandon Lee Gary, who recorded videos up a woman’s skirt — known as “upskirting” — while she shopped. The 6-3 majority opinion said Gary’s behaviour, while reprehensible, doesn’t violate the state’s invasion of privacy law, under which he was prosecuted.

In a ruling issued July 15, Judge Elizabeth Branch said it is “regrettable that no law currently exists which criminalizes Gary’s reprehensible conduct.”

Read more on Cnews.

Thanks to the Canadian reader who sent this one in.

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