Nov 302010
 November 30, 2010  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S., Online

Alexandra Zabjek reports:

A judge has unsealed court documents related to Mayor Stephen Mandel’s civil lawsuit against an Envision Edmonton volunteer who is alleged to have made defamatory statements about the mayor during the election campaign.

The documents include Mandel’s statement of claim against Nathan Black, who is alleged to have defamed Mandel by suggesting the mayor wanted to close the downtown airport to assist friends in the development industry.

Those statements ended up on a blog called “Darrensbigscoop,” the statement alleges.


According to the court documents, Mandel’s legal team sought and received a judge’s order compelling the owners and operators of WordPress, Twitter and an American phone company to disclose information that could help identify who posted the material to the website.

Read more in the Edmonton Journal

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