Mar 022011
 March 2, 2011  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Jack McElroy reports:

The University of Tennessee released another version of the Notice of Allegations the NCAA issued against the Vol athletic department. The new version no longer omits entire sections of the report. Instead, it blacks out all the information in those sections.The university is basing the redactions on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act — FERPA. The law says student records are private. The Catch-22 is that the law prohibits releasing information if the identity of the student involved is “easily traceable” based on other information. UT makes the argument that, because the recruiting violations have been widely covered in the media, tracing the identity of the students involved is easier, so “the University was required to redact more information than what you may consider typical in order to ‘de-identify’ students in compliance with FERPA.”

Read more on Knox News.

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