Jul 162016
 July 16, 2016  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

In July, 2015, the Kuwaiti government had a knee-jerk reaction to a suicide bombing, and imposed a law requiring everyone to have DNA testing. I’ve had a few posts about this topic since that time, including their recent expansion of the law to tourists. I’m not surprised by the following request from the U.N. I’m just surprised it’s taken so long:

Stephanie Nebehay reports:

 A U.N. human rights watchdog called on Kuwait on Friday to amend a counter-terrorism law requiring nationwide compulsory DNA testing, saying that it was disproportionate and violated the right to privacy.

Any testing should be limited to individuals suspected of having committed serious crimes and only after a court order, the 18 independent experts said after reviewing Kuwait’s record in upholding civil and political rights.

Read more on Zawya.

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