Aug 202010
 August 20, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Youth & Schools

As an update to a possible breach of UK Data Protection law previously reported here, SNP News reports:

The UK Information Commissioner has confirmed to Alex Neil MSP that an investigation has started into the disclosure of personal data from a number of local primary schools to Karen Whitefield MSP. The Commissioner’s office confirmed that they will look into the complaints, raised by Mr Neil on behalf of a number of his constituents. Mr Neil received complaints that Ms Whitefield had obtained personal information about pupils attending primary schools in the Airdrie & Shotts constituency, which she was then using to write personalised letters. It is believed that many of these children are on protection orders and it is unclear how the information was passed to Ms Whitefield, whether she still has the information in her possession, who else in her office had access to it or if she passed it on to someone else.

Read more on SNP News.

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