Mar 022011
 March 2, 2011  Posted by  Featured News, Non-U.S., Surveillance

Tom Whitehead reports on the consideration of the Protection of Freedom Bills:

Unmanned spy drones, CCTV that recognises faces and cameras in the back of taxis could soon be the norm on the streets of Britain, the Home Office admitted yesterday.

Ministers signalled that advances in technology meant there was nothing to stop such controversial surveillance measures becoming commonplace.

The warning came in proposals for a code of practice to better regulate the spread of CCTV amid fears there will be “unchecked proliferation” without it.

Read more in The Telegraph. In related coverage, The Drum’s headline is “Home Office concedes Britain likely to become a surveillance state.” There are many who would argue that it’s already become one.

For more information on yesterday’s debate, see the U.K. Human Rights Watch Blog.

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