Sep 302010
 September 30, 2010  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

Another day, another “super-injunction” in the U.K. Michael Seamark reports:

A married TV star has won a court gagging order to prevent details of his private life being published.

The celebrity, who has a huge public profile, has obtained an injunction stopping his ex-wife writing about their relationship and claims that they had a sexual affair after he remarried.

Neither the married man nor his ex-wife can be identified, but he becomes the latest figure to use the courts to protect his privacy.

Yesterday, it emerged that another married public figure had won a footballer-style gagging order to hush up his infidelity.

Read more in the Daily Mail.

Of course, by gagging one party, you’re essentially telling people that they cannot talk about their own lives. If 50% of couples were to divorce, could we have a situation where one quarter of the country were prohibited from talking about their failed marriages?

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